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Swarovski/Preciosa Crystal Pearls

Swarovski and PRECIOSA Crystal bead Pearls are simulated or faux pearls. Swarovski and PRECIOSA make these by adding a unique pearlized coating to a unique crystal core. These pearls have a look and feel of natural pearls with a very smooth finish. The holes are consistent size which makes them ideal for both beading as well as knotting. These crystal pearls are resistant to damage from skin perspiration as well as sunlight.

As SWAROVSKI is no longer offering the crystal pearls, we are in the process of offering PRECIOSA crystal Pearls. PRECIOSA calls these Nacre pearls. Please also note that the PRECIOSA's color may not be exact match to the Swarovski pearl colors.

We sell these by strands (smaller quantity) as well by factory packs. We carry a huge selection of colors and sizes in the 5810 series round, 5811, 5821, and 5826 series.

All Crystal pearl factory packs are all assort able for higher volume discount. More pearl factory packs you buy more you save. All Swarovski crystal beads pearl strands are also assortable for higher volume discount.

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Swarovski Crystal Pearl Factory Packs
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