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Swarovski CrystalPixie for Nail Art | Petite | Edge | Bubble | Cute Mood | Beadw

Swarovski brings a huge level of innovation to the Nail industry with its finest quality crystals. Swarovski has been working with top designers around the world in fashion, art, and style and now brings it to nail art industry with its CrystalPixie product line. Besides the CrystalPixie, Swarovski?s various smaller size rhinestones, rhinestone shapes, and pearls have also been used in the Nail Art industry.
Swarvoski has revolutionized the nail art industry with it continued innovations and a huge selection and assortments of crystal rhinestone products ranging from fine like stardust (Petite), chunky (Edge) and newly introduced 3D like (Bubble) offerings. These 3 styles can be applied individually and can be used in combination also.

First entrant in this line was CrystalPixie petite which is hundreds of crystals in the smallest sizes for maximum sparkle and limitless creative expression. These tiny crystals create a mesmerizing effect like nails dipped in stardust.

Second entrant in this line was CrystalPixie Edge which are Loose Crystal Ultra Fine Rocks in PP9 and Only bi-cone shaped cut crystals. These come in varying color themes. They can be used alone or together for endless designs.

Latest entrant in this line is CrystalPixie Bubble which are hundreds of crystals in 3 varying sizes of round stones creating an amazing 3D effects. The bubble is a balance between the fine petite and the chunky Edge.

We, as an Authorized Swarovski Reseller has access to all the products offered by Swarovski in this line and can special order for you whatever that we currently don?t stock. We get shipments from Swarovski 1 to 3 times a week and so the turnaround time to fill your special order will be short. Also, you will be paying wholesale pricing on buying from us just as with other Swarovski products. SWAROVSKI Crystalpixie is an innovative product which is specifically designed for nail art.
It comes in styles such as Petite, Edge etc. These are packaged either 5 gram packing or 10 gram packing.
We are currently stocking petite cute mood, the most popular one in 5 gram packing as well as 10 gram packing.
If you are interested in other combos please contact us and we can provide you the complete price list and special order any of those items currently in stock at Swarovski.

Please note that all the items on this page are Mix n Match (assortable) for higher volume discount.

*** You may also purchase these from our no minimum purchase required website, Please note that the pricing there may be different. ***

 Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite - Classic Sassy 10gm Jar 
Swarovski Crystal Pixie Petite - Classic Sassy 10gm Jar 
Product Code: SCPPET10G-CLS 
Petite, Classic Sassy, 10gm Jar

In stock: In Stock

Items Per Pack:  10gm 

Price Level 1: 1-4 $39.63

Price Level 2: 5-9 $37.74

Price Level 3: 10+ $34.68

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