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Alphabet Beads

We carry letter beads in sterling silver as well as lead free pewter including those from TierraCast known as pebble beads. These are also known as letter beads, letter blocks as well as alphabet beads.
Please keep in mind that we carry 5.5mm sterling and 7mm sterling silver beads in Greek Alphabets also ideal for Sorority bracelets.
We also carry all the sterling silver block beads in 0 thru 9 numerals, known as number beads.
We also carry a large number of symbol beads such heart, #, !, sports etc. With all this selection one can really personalize their jewelry. One great example of personalized jewelry is the Mommy Bracelets.

All of our letter blocks are made in U.S.A. and are of excellent quality. We carry a huge stock of these and can ship them promptly. We carry sterling silver square alphabet beads in 4 different sizes such as 4x4.5mm (also known as Baby blocks), 4.8mm (also known as mini blocks), 5.5mm (also known as regular blocks), and 7mm (also known as large size) sizes. We also carry sterling silver beads in heart shape beads in 7mm size.

We also carry alphabet beads in lead free pewter and made in U.S.A.Our pewter alphabet beads contains small amount of silver to give them a nice finish.
We have been selling alphabet beads since 2001. These are great for making personalized jewelry, especially mommy bracelets.

We are also starting to carry TierraCast pewter letter beads both in rhodium (silver) and gold (antique gold) finish.

Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads
Alphabet Beads Pewter  - 5.5mm Block Letters