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Gold-Filled Beads

Our 14 Kt Gold-Filled Beads are Made in USA. 14K gold filled is made with real 14K gold (5%) fused or bonded to a base metal such as brass. So in 14K gold-filled, outside 5% is real 14K gold. So these beads have a look and feel of 14K gold but more economical than 14K gold. Use them extensively and don't worry about plating wearing off as there is no plating in them.

We carry plain smooth brigh gold-filled beads in sizes from 2mm to 16mm round. These make excellent spacers, especially the smaller size beads. Large size beads such as 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm can be used as focal beads. Additionally, one can use different size beads together as a graduated size bead necklace. Please keep in mind all the beads in this series are seamless which make them stronger as compared to seamed beads.
We carry straight corugated beads in sizes 3mm to 22mm. Smaller sizes are generally used as fancy spacer beads while larger sizes are used as focal beads. These can be combined with plain bright beads to make interesting combinations. In corrugated style, we also carry twisted round style also as well as corrugated bead caps and other fancy shapes such as hour glass, tapered end beads.
We also carry 14K gold-filled stardust beads in sizes 3mm to 10mm. Larger sizes can be special ordered. Stardust beads are laser treat beads giving them a sparkly, textured or glittery look. These can be used by themselves or as accent beads.
We have several large size focal beads in 14K gold-filled and shapes such as rice, flat rondelles known as tyre shape as well as saucer shape beads.

You are welcome to Contact us if you are looking for substantial quantity of some thing in gold-filled that we don't carry. Most likely, we can special order that item for you.

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