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Tierracast Alphabet & Words

We carry TierraCast's several word beads such as peace, joy, faith. We can always special order for you other Tierracast's word beads if you are buying other things form us.

We have just (finally) started carrying TierraCast's alphabet beads in silver tone as well as gold tone.
So we now carry gold tone alphabet beads!! Please note that there are 22 Karat Gold plated and with excellent quality plating.
Of course we have been carrying sterling silver alphabet beads in 4 different sizes and square pewter alphabet beads for quite a while now.

These TierraCast alpahbet beads are also available in 100 piece and 200 piece starter sets. The starter sets are a great way to get started with these as you are paying nicely discounted price for these!

Alphabet Beads - Gold Plated
Alphabet Beads - Rhodium/White Bronze Plated
Alphabet Charms - Gold Plated
Alphabet Charms - Silver Plated
Greek Alphabet Charms - Gold Plated
Greek Alphabet Charms - Silver Plated
Number Charms - Gold Plated
Number Charms - Silver Plated
Word Beads