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******** PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NOW LOCATED AT 2148 ORINOCO DRIVE, STE 328, Orlando, FL 32837. It is off of South Orange Blossom Trail between BMW and Mazda dealerships. It is north of Central Florida Parkway and south of Taft-Vineland Road. ******

We just moved on 28th and are very busy unpacking stacks of boxes.

Thank you for your interest in visiting our warehouse/showroom. Please note that showroom visits are by appointment. Minimum purchase at the showroom is $100 unless prior arrangement have been made.
If you are only purchasing SWAROVSKI flat back rhinestones then the minimum purchase at the showroom is only $50. Please call ahead of time at 407-370-2929 and make sure we have stock on the flat back item you are looking for.

Our showroom is primarily a stocking warehouse to fulfill the e-commerce orders. Most of the items displayed on the walls may not have any pricing information or if they have prices written on them they may not be up to date. We go by the pricing shown on this website.

If you are an existing customer then you are already familiar with the merchandise we carry. If you are a new customer then we suggest that you spend some time on this website and get familiar with the kind of merchandise we carry and their pricing before planning a visit to us. We also encourage you to make a list of items you are interested in purchasing and better if put those items in your shopping cart and bring a copy of your shopping cart. This will help make your visit more productive.

We do have lot of new merchandise that has not been added to this website. So if you are visiting Orlando from another country or city/state, this would be a great opportunity to visits us, get to know us and our merchandise. We will do our best to make your visit as productive as possible!

We are closing out some of our older product lines such as incense sticks (Sandalwood, Nag Champa etc), some incense burners, brass (bronze) statues of Natraj, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman, Saraswati and more. If you are interested in any of these you may be able to purchase these at bargain prices without having to meet the minimum purchase requirement......

Please call us at 407-370-2929 or email us at to make your appointment. We are generally able to provide the same day appointment. Mondays are very busy for us as we process all the accumulated weekend e-commerce orders. So if possible, please consider an appointment time other than a Monday.

Our "No Minimum Purchase Required Website:"
For your convenience, we have created a new website where a Minimum Purchase is Not Required. Please keep in mind that pricing may be different at You may even place your any size order and pickup it up from our warehouse location. Please be sure to call and confirm that your order is ready. IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of our setup, we require that you put your bag in the locker we provide or keep that in your vehicle. Visitors are not allowed to roam around with their bags.